Download Movies From Netflix

Download Movies From Netflix

Whether you’re on Pc, tab or smartphone, you can download movies from netflix and you can watch them anytime you want. This feature is good for those who have unstable or poor internet connection. Buffering can be annoying and also ruin your movie experience. With this feature, you can just download and watch offline later.

How To Download Movies From Netflix On Your Desktop?

On your desktop Pc, you need to find the Netflix application for your platform (Mac/Windows) and get it installed.

Here, we installed from the Microsoft Store for Windows 10. Follow the steps below to start downloading movies from Netflix:

    1. Launch the Netflix app that you just downloaded. Sign up for an account if you haven’t already.
    2. If you recently signed up or subscribed, you can get started downloading the movies in a single click! You just have to click on “Find something to download” when a pop up appears after you sign in. Now, skip to step 4 if you get the popup as shown below.

3. If you did not get the pop up the first time; Don’t worry – just click on the menu icon Menuto find an option which says – “Available for download“. Click on it to find the movies listed which you can download.

4. Once you are in the screen where you find every downloadable content listed, you need to click on any one of them as you prefer. Now, hit the arrow button to start downloading (as shown in the image below).

5. Finally, it will be downloaded in the background for offline viewing.
In case you want to know the download size, simply go to the menu and click on “My Downloads” to see the size of download.

How To Download Movies From Netflix On Your Smartphone

Fortunately, the procedure to download movies or videos from Netflix to your smartphone is the same that we mentioned above for the desktop application. However, while on a smartphone, when you click on the arrow button to start downloading – it will ask you to tweak the download settings (which network you want to use and what quality of download you would prefer).

Other than that, it is all the same. And, yes – unlike the desktop Netflix application; you will not observe the download size when you head on to the “My downloads” section.

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