Hide files on Android without installing any app

hide files on android
If you’ve been looking for a way to hide files on android from any third party ,then you’re on the right page. The ability to hide your files such as photos and videos  is essential as it might get into the wrongs hands if care is not taken , Android offers a working solution in making folders only accessible only to file manager app.
All your files like photos or videos  are stored in a particular folder in the file manager app which you can access directly in the gallery app, and if you hide this folder the  gallery app won’t be able to access it, making any third party sees what’s in it.
This process is not only simple, it will also spare you from searching for a hiding file app to download.

How to hide files on android easily 

I’m going to show you the two methods you can use to hide your files .
the first method is putting a dot sign at the end of the folder name, it doesn’t matter how you name it, as far as you put the (.) sign in front of it, you’re good to go. Create a folder or rename an existing folder with a dot sign at the end.
Take for example : (.skin)
Doing this basically tells Android not to look inside the folder,only the file manager app and specific system app is aware of it.
Which means files hidden inside the folder won’t show up in gallery or any multimedia player app.
The second method include hiding your files in an already existed folder by creating a .nomedia folder inside it.
it’s an empty file called .nomedia, what this folder does is simply hiding your photos or videos from any app that tries to reveal it properties.
Make sure you enable viewing of hidden folders in your file manager app ,otherwise you won’t be able to access your files, you can also download ES File Explorer to enable you see hidden folders in your android device, it’s free on google store with  good ratings .
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