How to Play PSP games on Android Devices

How to Play PSP games on Android Devices

This tutorial will show how to Play PSP games on Android devices. All you need is an emulator called PPSPP and the iso (game file)of the game you want to play.

PPSSPP is an open source emulator that is completely free to use. It will let you play your favorite PSP games on Android phone in full HD resolution even when used on tablet or a bigger screen Android phone. You need to have Android version 2.3 and above. Apart from android, it also supports other platforms such as Windows, Linux and Blackberry etc.

However, not all of the PSP games will work on PPSSPP. In the end, it depends on your Android phone hardware and whether the game is supported or not. Some of the games may work, but will have slower performance depending on the hardware specification of your phone.

some tested games are;

  • Pro evolution soccer
  • Grand theft auto
  • tekken, e.t.c

How to Play PSP games on Android Devices

Download ppspp app from playstore or get the apk from here

To start playing your PSP games on the PPSSPP, you need to create a ISO image of your PSP UMD (Universal Media Disc). Fortunately, the process is not that hard and it may be completely free and legal to create ISO image of your own PSP games for personal use (check against your own local laws and regulations).

At the PPSSPP FAQ page you will find all the required information to create an ISO image from your PSP UMD disc. Just follow those instructions to create an ISO image and copy it to your Android phone from your PC.

OR you can just google it and download whichever psp game iso you want.


Now that you have the ISO image in your Android phone, running it in the PPSSPP is actually quite simple. Launch the PPSSPP app and navigate to the “Games” tab. Here you will find all your phone’s folders, just navigate to the folder in which you place the ISO image and you will find the game there. Now, just tap on it to start the game.

The PSP buttons will be displayed right on the screen and the touch screen will not work while playing a game. You can only interact with the game using these displayed buttons. There is an extra button which you will not find in the original PSP, “fast forward” button (with a side ways triangle on it). You can use this button to increase speed of your game, handy for games where you have to wait too much or speed up a slow game.

Your phone’s “Back” button will work as a menu button while playing a game. You can press it any time to access main menu. In the main menu, you can change game settings and also save the game state. This game “Save state” option is different from normal “Save” option of any PSP game. It will save the game in any state it is (even if battling a Boss!), unlike normal save option where you have to reach specific area to save.

That’s all… comment below if have any questions.

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