Vivo beats Apple & Samsung to On-screen fingerprint reader


According to the rumors, Apple is expected to introduce a fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 8 that could be embedded under its display. Samsung was similarly rumored to do so for the upcoming Galaxy Note 8, but we have heard that the company is still trying to work out the kinks, so much so it looks Vivo has beaten both of them to the punch.

Vivo introduced a modified Xplay6 handset at MWC Shanghai that comes with such a sensor built into it. While the solution seemed to work as advertised, it was found that the fingerprint recognition speed is noticeably slower — about one second between first touch and entering home screen.

It is possible that maybe the tech is still early and could still stand to be tweaked further. Vivo also claimed that in theory the sensor could be applied to the entire screen as opposed to just one portion, but that would increase production cost.

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